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Automatic fire extinguishers

Automatic fire sprinkler systems in use today as the most common form of protection from fire. Philosophy sprinklers based on the actions the proper amount of water (less is better) in the right place (in the center of the fire) at the right time (the sooner the better). Many common systems are supplied with water from the mains, but increasingly placed tanks with water from pumps to ensure odgovaravajuċi water flow and pressure.












Fire extinguishers

Servicing, control and charging of all types of fire extinguishers, (standard and appliances under pressure).
Testing of fire extinguishers in the cold water system.

Hydrants and Hydrant sets

Control hydrant systems and fire hydrants, water flow measurement in the hydrant installation

Testing of lightning and electrical installations

We offer tests, adjustments and performance of lightning and electrical installations.