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Service for the provision of preventive care


Vatrotehna is engaged in providing preventive services for fire protection and in our market exists since 1997.

For performing the duties of maintenance and repair of fire equipment and the equipment we are authorized by the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia, Sector for Emergency Management - Department for Emergency Situations.

The activities of preventive services for fire protection is performing by qualified staff.

Services we offer include:

  • Control (service), testing the cold water system and filling of fire extinguishersAparat za gasenje pozara
  • Control hydrant systems, hydrants and their correction
  • Testing and measurement of flow capacity and water pressure for 24 hours in the water supply and hydrant installation
  • Control and installation Emergency lighting/li>
  • Inspection and repair of stable system for signaling and fire extinguishing
  • Testing of electrical and lightning
  • Training and testing knowledge of employees in fire protection
  • Development of training programs in the field of fire
  • Creating rules in the field of fire protection
  • Making plans for evacuation
  • Development of the plan and the study of fire protection
  • Repair revision substation
  • Creating columns for ground tanks
  • Measurement of static elektricetata
  • Control of explosion protection
  • Providing services clerk fire protection
  • Providing services to the person responsible health and safety at work
  • Make diagrams elektrorazvoda in electrical cabinets
  • Sales of fire extinguishers and hydrant equipment
  • Sales pharmacy for first aid
  • Other services in the field of fire protection and safety and health at work



Fire extinguishers

Servicing, control and charging of all types of fire extinguishers, (standard and appliances under pressure).
Testing of fire extinguishers in the cold water system.

Hydrants and Hydrant sets

Control hydrant systems and fire hydrants, water flow measurement in the hydrant installation

Testing of lightning and electrical installations

We offer tests, adjustments and performance of lightning and electrical installations.